Artist Statement

Developing a brand and image is something that takes thought and intent. With this series, there are similarities within each piece that unify this living room set as one. The first piece of the series is a coffee table. Overall, it is 72 in. long, 22 in. wide and 18 in. tall. It is made of two materials: hard maple and medium density overlayment. There is a hard maple 2 ½ in. butcher block top, the leg is miter fold and has a mortise and tenon joinery. It is mortised to the painted section which is created from medium density overlayment (MDO). MDO was chosen as it is a quality, light weight plywood that is excellent for paint-grade. The shelf is a standard hollow-core box that slip fits over a bracket. Every joint on the painted section is mitered and biscuited. The finish on the painted section is two coats of conversion varnish primer, two coats of Martin Senour cross/fire automotive base coat, color code PPSB. There are two coats clear which is a dull-rub conversion varnish. It is the same clear coat used on the solid wood.

The following pieces of the series have very similar traits. These end tables are designed with the same common themes, color, and dimensional reputation all as an extension of the coffee table. The idea is that both of these end tables will accompany the same sofa on each side. The 2 ½ in. butcher block that was used on both end tables were made from the same edge grain lamination. By cutting the slab in half, visual movement was created in the wood grain from one side to the next. All similar joinery and construction were done just as the coffee table. The legs are miter-fold and have a mortis and tenon joint to the butcherblock top. One additional feature that was added to the end tables was the use of neodymium rare earth magnets as hidden fasteners where the butcherblock mortises into the dado of the painted section. The dimensions of the end tables are almost identical. Both are 30 in. tall, 24in. wide, and 24 in. deep. The only difference is that the two end tables are dimensionally mirrored with opposing reveals.

Unified dimensional themes invoke rhythm and repetition. When defining imagery with this body of work, mid-century modern furniture design is very influential, although there are some contrasts differ. With contrasting color pallets and fluid movement; the style that can best describe this living room set is contemporary. Common dimensional themes invoke movement and are cohesive. This is seen throughout my body of work.

Some common dimensional themes include the dimension 2 ½ in. The long vertical section of the MDO painted panels is 2 ½ in. The elbow you see on the front view is 2 ½ in. as well as the butcher block, shelf, and mitered leg. There is also a 2 ½ in. reveal below the shelf. Dimensionally the negative space works with that common theme for the lower shelf, but every other reveal is ¾ in. The butcher block to the painted section is a ¾” reveal. The bottom shelf is recessed ¾ in. into the interior. The butcher block top also has a secondary reveal sticking out ¾ in. These common dimensional themes invoke movement and are cohesive.